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[wptab name='Description'] Thawing chamber

Cabinplant provides a modular thawing chamber for batch thawing of blockfrozen and IQF products. Defrosting is by humid air.

The thawing chamber is of modular design. The product is placed on trolleys with an average product weight per trolley of 700 kg. Capacity ranges from 700 to 11,200 kg per batch. Thawing time depends on product type, size, shape, etc.

The chamber has the following advantages:
  • Higher yield due to reduced drip loss
  • Minimum water consumption
  • Shorter thawing time
  • Improved product quality, as no mechanical product handling or wash-out of nutrients occur
  • Improved hygiene with reduced risk of acute, uncontrollable bacteriological problems, as the product is segregated.
  • Frozen blocks on trolleys are wheeled into the chamber. The doors are closed and a thawing program is selected.
  • Fans now send a tempered airflow into the chamber through guide plates. The air flow circulates between all trolley shelves, thus ensuring even and uniform product thawing.
  • The airflow is reversed at adjustable intervals, i.e. alternately being introduced from the left and right chamber sides, respectively.
  • To prevent product dehydration the air is kept saturated through constant injection of water particles straight into the airflow.
  • A thin film is formed on the product surface to protect the product and maintain quality.
The thawing chamber consists of:
  • Chamber mounted with driven roller doors to save space and to facilitate entrance into the chamber. Each chamber module accommodates two trolleys.
  • Two fans per module, driven by an externally mounted motor. The chamber is a closed system, featuring air recirculation.
  • Nozzle system to secure constant air moistening. Water is supplied direct from water main.
  • The unit is made all in stainless steel and incorporates control panel/cabinet. Heating is by direct steam injection or electrical heating.
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