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[wptab name='Description'] Stein JSO III Jet Stream® Oven

Leading the cooking revolution over a quarter of a century, the JSO is the world's most successful linear high velocity impingement oven. Over 10 million pounds of high quality protein products are cooked daily on these ovens.

Jet Stream Impingement Technology

Patented Jet Stream impingement airflow insures unsurpassed cooking uniformity

High velocity, vertical jets of hot air impinge the product from top and bottom

Boundary layer of air is penetrated, resulting in higher heat transfer rates

Types of JSO III Ovens offered:
  • JSO III Direct Gas
  • JSO III Indirect Gas
JSO III Direct Gas Oven

Direct gas, open flame heating is ideal for higher temperature processing and products requiring a unique flame broiled flavor

  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • High efficiency gas burners
  • Direct spark ignition obviates the need for maintaining a pilot
  • Explosion doors on direct fired gas units
  • Patented floor cooling mechanisms to prevent burning of product remnants on oven floor
  • Reliable and maintenance-free high-efficiency plug fans for air circulation

Unmatched Performance

Automatic steam control using patented Humitrol technology ensures:
  • Superior containment using water seal between tank and hood to maintain high moisture content in oven box at high fan speeds
  • Less than ±2ºF (1ºC) cross-belt air temperature variation
  • Infeed steam chamber for multiphase cooking
  • Flexibility
  • Adjustable impingement nozzle height to cook products 2”-6” high
  • Adjustable top to bottom airflow
  • Variety of product belts from standard flat-flex to chain edged mesh
  • Can be operated at 100% steam mode or a combination of steam and heated air of temperatures up to 450ºF (287ºC) with indirect and direct gas
Hygiene & Sanitation
  • Fully automated Clean-In-Place System
  • Clam-shell hood design permits easy inspection and secondary cleaning, if necessary, of internal components
  • Fully removable impingement nozzles
  • Continuous belt wash system
JSO III Indirect Gas Oven

The JSO III Indirect Gas Jet Stream Oven provides higher temperature processing while containing the by-products of combustion from the oven cook zone.

Advantages of the JSO III Indirect Gas Oven:
  • High product yield with half the cooking time of conventional ovens
  • Accurate temperature and humidity control
  • Vertical air is delivered to top and bottom of product for uniform browning
  • Temperature controlled floor prevents renderings from burning, reduces cooking vapors and eases cleanup
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