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The Stein GCO-II-1000 GYRoCOMPACT Oven is a new generation spiral oven that has been redesigned ground up keeping in mind the products being processed today while also providing the tools to accommodate products of tomorrow.

We have endeavoured to provide within the design of this oven all the mechanisms required to empower you to extend your processing capabilities with remarkable simplicity. The end result is a new industry benchmark for performance, hygiene and overall operating economy.

With the GCO-II-1000 oven we have:
  • Enhanced the functionality
  • Simplified the operation
  • Increased the effective throughput
  • Thereby boosting the benefits for you.

Better oven steam containment so as to maintain higher moisture values at higher speeds and thereby improve product yield

Right process (heat transfer mechanism) at the right time ensures shortest cook time, thereby improving product yields


True MultiPhaseâ„¢ cooking with optional impingement module at oven discharge for enhanced and uniform color development at top and bottom of the product

Choice of up-flow, down-flow or Dynamic Airflow Control (DACâ„¢) air in the belt stack to suit a variety of product and process requirements. This is automated and may be controlled through the touch screen.

High temperature impingement section is positioned at the discharge end of the oven to facilitate accelerated product finishing and browning without compromising yield

Small cross-belt temperature variation for uniform cook and color development

Increase production with optional impingement module for a given number of tiers


30% reduction in maintenance expenses over previous models

Improved drive mechanism with redesigned chain and lubrication mechanism to reduce wear on glide strips and provide a three year interval between drive rebuilds

Longer drive chain life due to, ""Bigfoot"" belt design that ensures better balance of belt stack on drive chain

Simpler and robust steam control mechanism

Redesigned heat exchanger that is manufactured of a higher grade of corrosion resistant stainless steel to withstand the harshest of processing conditions

Hygiene and Food Safety

Use of hollow structural members in the product zone is minimized

Oven roof is sloped to prevent standing water and promote ease of cleaning

All corners of the oven cabinet interior are rounded to eliminated traps for bacterial growth

Overlapping surfaces are spaced apart using stand-offs for improved cleanability


Pre-plan your future capacity needs, expand your production output and variety without expanding your plant

15% increase in belt speed extends the range of cook times for a given oven tier height

Low or high discharge available to suit your existing or new plant layout

Available in a range of tier heights from 8 through 20 to meet any capacity requirement

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