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[wptab name='Description'] Stein M-Fryer

The M-Fryer is the first of a new generation of immersion fryers from Stein and JBT FoodTech. It is engineered specifically to match the needs of global convenience food processors.

Market-Driven Development

Consumers around the world, motivated by growing affluence and the hectic pace of modern life, use convenience foods at an ever-increasing rate – even for at-home dining.

And many food service providers, particularly quick-service restaurants, utilize processed foods to ensure uniform quality, shorter preparation times and greater food safety.

It’s a consumer-driven market, and the continuously growing range of choices forces the entire industry – processors and food service providers alike – to increase quality, product range and food safety while simultaneously reducing costs.

Stein can now offer you an immersion fryer that really sets the pace for your processing line and operating margins, by giving you:
  • Superior, uniform product quality and consistency
  • Cost-effective production
  • Excellent process flexibility
  • Verified process and product safety

As a processor, your highest priorities are superior, uniform product quality, processing safety, cost-effective production, operational flexibility and verifiable food safety.

The M-fryer was developed to fulfill each of these goals with ample margins. Its superior oil handling, precise controls and complete cleanability help ensure food quality as well as food safety.

Your feedback played a vital role in the M-fryer’s development, and we have responded to your needs. Its differentiated modular design aims to give you greater flexibility in planning and production as well as measurable performance improvement in your day-to-day processing efficiency.

Measure Your Profitability
  • In Terms of Range and Flexibility
  • Consumer satisfaction is the ultimate measure of success. The Stein M-fryer is a key tool to help achieve this goal.
  • Profitability
  • Foreseeing and satisfying the fast-changing tastes of today’s consumer is the key to success, profit and sustained growth in the convenience food industry.
  • To achieve this, it is not enough to be creative. Your production resources must quickly adapt to a range of recipe requirements and, in the age of ‘designer’ food, be able to produce a wide variety of products with a minimum of process downtime. Just as important, as your business grows, your resources must be able to grow with you.
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The M-fryer builds on the solid foundation of proven THERMoFIN™ technology, the choice of many of the world’s leading food processors. It delivers maximum output and operating economy. At the same time, it offers you great flexibility in terms of product range.

You will benefit from the M-fryer’s ability to:
  • Improve product quality by keeping oil fresher. Superior food product quality results from many features. The proprietary THERMoFIN system’s gentle heat transfer, which protects the oil from the degrading effect of rapid thermal changes is not important.
  • Deliver cost-effective frying, because low tank volume, gentle and uniform heat transfer and highly efficient sediment removal decrease your oil costs.
  • Increase operating profitability. Rapid product changeover, user-friendly controls and a wide range of configurations deliver optimum performance.
  • Ensure food safety and promote processing safety, because the M-fryer was designed with superior cleanability, exact process control and operating safety in mind.
  • Facilitate long-term flexibility and profitability, because the M-fryer’s modular design permits many configurations and options, matching its function to your processing needs – no matter what you produce, or where you produce it.
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