Cabinplant have their main focus in a few specialized processes being vegetable and rice blanchers, multihead weighers for difficult food products as well as complete turn-key processing plants for vegetable, fish (herrings, tuna, cod) and fruit including thawing, cutting, grading, freezing, weighing and automatic packing. Cabinplant is a privately owned company, which was founded in 1969. With headquarters in Haarby, Denmark, they employ more than 230 persons and have subsidiaries in Germany, Spain and Poland. With industry know-how drawn from 40 years of experience, they are experts at putting the right pieces in place to help you increase reliability, reduce downtime, lower operating costs, minimize giveaway - and stay competitive! It is Cabinplant's mission to develop, manufacture and market machines, process and packing equipment with built-in knowhow for the food industry. They offer our customers the following:
  • Process knowhow
  • Design of machines and process lines
  • Own manufacturing
  • Complete turnkey solutions
  • Superior quality
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Start-up and training of personnel
  • After-sales service with 24-hour hotline

Batch thawing equipment

Cabinplant provides a modular thawing chamber for batch thawing of blockfrozen and IQF products. Defrosting is by humid air.
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In-line Integrated thawing, cooking, cooling equipment

The Cabinplant integrated thawing, cooking and cooling unit (ITCC) is designed for automatic defrosting, cooking and cooling in one cycle of frozen fish, such as tuna and mackerel.
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In-line weigher

The Cabinplant batch weigher is designed to weigh a variety of different products, e.g. frozen vegetables, whole frozen fish, or frozen shrimp into cartons, boxes, bags or sacks.
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Multihead Weigher

Cabinplant multihead weighers are designed to meet the increasing demand of precision and speed during the weighing process.
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