JBC Double D

Double D Food Engineering, part of JBT FoodTech, is a leading UK-based designer, manufacturer and installer of custom-built ovens for the baking industry, and cookers, smokers and searer/grill markers for the meat, poultry, fish, vegetable and ready meal industries. Founded in 1978, Double D has built a reputation for engineering excellence and for consistency in the quality, reliability and versatility of its products. Over the years this reputation and commitment to engineering excellence has spread far and wide, and Double D now has installations in every major continent in the world. In May 2009 Double D became a division of JBT FoodTech, a leading global technology solutions provider to the food processing industry.

Double D Continuous baking oven

The Double D Continuous Baking Oven is the perfect solution for baking high volumes of morning rolls, quiche, pies, pizza, savories, scones and pastry cases to perfection
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Double D Multi-purpose cooker

The Double D Multi-Purpose Cooker is hugely versatile and capable of any task in the further processing of meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and ready meals
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Double D Rack oven

The Double D Rack Oven is a versatile batch oven, which provides consistently excellent results on any given product
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Double D Revoband Classic Oven

Using forced convection, the Revoband Classic Oven produces a consistent cook and even product coloring while using a lower air velocity than other impingement ovens
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Double D Searer/Grill Marker

The Double D Searer/Grill Marker is designed to enhance a wide range of finished products, both in taste and appearance. Designed to be stand-alone or to integrate with the Double D Continuous Oven.
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Double D Steam cooker

The Double D Steam Cooker is designed to produce the best possible results across a wide range of steam cooked products, including poultry products, hams, fish and seafood, rice, vegetables
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