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Responding to today’s needs with the latest technology
Carefully developed since 1949, the strong relationships built up with our Principals – each a leader in their field – now stand us in good stead. The advanced technology of European and American Food processing systems, together with our own experience of South Africa’s needs has enabled us to provide solutions well ahead of their time.

We are constantly looking at new products and innovations which will help improve our local industries. Currently we are agents for a number of world leading suppliers of food processing equipment in addition we manufacturers a range of our own machines. These agencies together with our own local manufacture complement each other so that we are able to provide complete solutions to your various processing needs.

Ours is a rapidly developing country, making ever increasing demands on food preservation and processing. In each instance the need is to provide a quality end product, be it from raw fresh produce or from an under-utilized by-product. To satisfy these needs we supply the latest technology to ensure hygienic, safe and efficient solutions ensuring guaranteed success to our customers.

Today Albrecht Machinery can answer our client’s calls for automation, processing techniques, product development and innovation in all food markets, including turnkey installations, maintenance and service.


Anticipating contemporary economic developments by over 600 years, the Hanseatic trading ports of the Baltic and North Sea were in many ways ahead of their time. Our company’s founder, Karl Friedrich Albrecht, was a member of one of the leading merchant families of the Hanseatic port of Elbing, whose traditions of shipping, manufacture and trading led him to many corners of the world before he settled in South Africa in 1949.

Appreciating that this fast developing young country could benefit from advances made in Europe, the United States and later Japan, a group of companies was formed under KF Albrecht & Co, who based their operation on supplying the up-to-the-minute technology South Africa required.

A very exciting and diverse business period followed. It brought us into contact with South Africa’s pioneering leaders; men who created internationally known companies in Oil from Coal, Tobacco and Fishing Industries. Each time we sought to find solutions to the technological challenges they faced.

Indeed the years have seen our involvement in fishing, shipbuilding, food processing, marine electronics, tobacco and in a broad spectrum of projects such as nuclear energy generation in West Germany, uranium export and oil exploration. We were intimately involved in the beginnings of Sasol – the first 10 lbs of South African coal ever to be liquefied to petroleum passed through our offices.

With the shift in needs of the country and its industries, our Company has adapted itself over the years.  From the beginning we acted as importers and exporters fulfilling this role to many industries.

Products such as frozen and canned fish, vegetables, Cape wines, asbestos and even uranium were exported by us, As importers, we represent many leading overseas manufacturers of plant and machinery offering their equipment to diverse industries, backed by local after-sales service, Today we supply complete turn-key plants and project assistance.

Over the past 60 years we have built up specialist companies serving the fishing, shipbuilding, catering, satellite telephone, GPS, marine electronic, laundry equipment as well as food machinery sectors of our economy.  Famous company product brands in varying fields were introduced to South Africa by our group of companies:

Fish Processing:  Nordischer Maschinenbau Rud. Baader,  Atlas Stord

Ship machinery:  MaK, Tenfjord, Hydraulic Bratvaag, Atlas Copenhagen

Industrial Kitchen equipment: Juno, Senking, Kueppersbusch, AMF

Marine electronic equipment: Elac, Hagenuk, Furuno, Thrane & Thrane, Skanti, Raytheon, Altas Bremen

Gobal Positioning equipment: Garmin, Magellan

Industrial Laundry equipment:  Senking, Kannegiesser

As well as the brands represented by Albrecht Machinery today

Mission Statement

We strive to help our Customers using the technology incorporated by our Principals in their Process Lines in making great food products. We endeavour to offer good technical advice on their processes.

Our mission is to become our Customer’s best point of contact when dealing with any of the process lines offered by our Principals, be that for planning a new production line, sizing and quoting the equipment required as well as installing and providing competent after sales service.

Business Model

We try to give our Employees a rewarding and enjoyable working environment, promoting dedication and motivation whilst maintaining a high ethical standard in all our dealings with Customers and Principals.

Our Company holds exclusive rights to sell and service food processing machinery that are manufactured by several suppliers, our Principals. We classify their machinery into Equipment Groups, which process Food Types using Process Lines.

In addition we also manufacture some Equipment Groups in Paarl, notably spiral freezers for freezing IQF chicken, carton freezers, conveyor belts and support platforms.