The AMCARToFREEZE  is an industrial in-line continuous freezing technology designed to freeze a wide variety of products that are packed into cartons and that require long freezing or chilling times.

The conveying system in the freezer is fully automatic and equipped with all safety devices and lockouts. The infeed and outfeed are arranged at one end of the freezer.

The product is only handled twice during the whole process, once when it is automatically fed onto the carrier in the unfrozen state and once when it is automatically discharged from the carrier in the frozen state.

At the end of the working day, the products can be left overnight in the AMCARToFREEZE at low temperature. This allows the packing operation to run simultaneously with the production. It provides a continuous and controlled flow of products.  The design is compact and in relation to its capacity, occupies a minimum of valuable factory floor space.


In an AMCARToFREEZE there may be three or four shelves to each carrier, depending on the model chosen.  The number of carriers in the freezer depends on the freezing capacity and the required holding time.

The steel structure is carefully designed to ensure a high standard of hygiene.  The main structure is manufactured from easy-to-clean profiles which are zinc-coated (Galvanized) for protection against corrosion.  All sheeting is galvanized.

The AMCARToFREEZE is hydraulically driven

Air is circulated through the freezer in order to extract heat from the products using axial fans mounted to evaporators via a pressurised plenum chamber. Evaporators are manufactured from stainless steel pipes with aluminium heat exchanger plates.

The entire freezer is controlled by PLC’s using an HMI interface to provide functionality

Capacities range from 2t/h up to 16t/h

Option to Control refrigeration valves via the freezer PLC and HMI