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[wptab name='Description'] Stein All Purpose Batter Applicator (APB)

The application of batter is typically the first ""wet"" step in the coating process. This is where uniform and consistent coverage is essential to achieving superior product quality.

The APB is a universal applicator for all conventional batters and most food products. It uniformly applies conventional non-leavened batters to food products. Available in two configurations: Top Submerger and Overflow.

PB Overflow Configuration

For conventional batters and shapes of food products.

A curtain of batter flows directly onto the moving product to coat the top and sides

Bottom of product is coated as the conveyor belt moves through a shallow batter puddle

APB Top Submerger Configuration

For unevenly shaped products, thicker products or products that float easily and require special alignment.

This configuration can be used with a wide range of conventional and highly leavened tempura batter.

The product is captured between two conveyor belts and moves under and through the batter puddle

Adjustable top submerger conveyor for a wide range of product heights

[/wptab] [wptab name='Benefits']
  • Runs a wide range of products and batter viscosity
  • Easily converted from top submerger to overflow configuration for product flexibility
  • Adjustable pump re-circulates batter or returns batter to mixing system
  • Batter blow-off tube controls batter pick-up
  • Continuous batter re-circulation helps maintain uniform batter for consistent pick-up
  • Ideal for mid to high capacity lines
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