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Basic principle The CartoFreezer is an automatic in-line freezer designed to freeze or chill a wide range of food products that are packed in open cartons, boxes or crates etc. Outline of freezing process: The product is typically placed inside cartons and onto a conveyor belt that transports the cartons to the infeed conveyor of the CartoFreezer. At the infeed station inside the freezer the product is still unfrozen. There the cartons are positioned on carriers that are transported through the freezing stations to the outfeed station according to the set freezing time. At that station the cartons with product now frozen - are ejected onto an outfeed conveyor. Simultaneously new cartons are received at the infeed station. The freezing time depends on the product and can take between 2 hours to 48 hours. By varying the number of freezer stations the capacity can be changed from 2 to 16 t/hr. Integration into factory process: The CartoFreezer allows the freezing function to be fully integrated with the processing and packing requirements in the processing factory. The design is simple, robust and reliable and occupies a minimum floor area for a given frozen product output. Important Process benefits
  • Bulk freezing for price sensitive markets
  • No batching and sorting required
  • Long production runs without need to defrost coils
  • High output per m2 of factory floor area
Equipment Features:
  • Proven technology with dozens of satisfied customers
  • Robust construction and high reliability
  • Easy operation using large MMI and PLC
  • Flexible product infeed and outfeed configurations
  • Can be installed inside factory or outside
Typical products:
  • Chicken: whole chicken, chicken parts on polytrays, parts bagged eg gizzards
  • Red meat: cuts
  • Fish: Headed and gutted horse mackerel
Technical Specifications
  • Capacity range 2 16 t/hr with refrigerant coils range 250 1500 kWr
  • Dimensions: 5.5m  w x 9.5m h x up to size to meet capacity