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The Rademaker Crusto bread lines are designed for a wide range of products, from tin bread to high water absorption artisan breads. The unique modular design guarantees flexibility and fast production changeovers.

Compared to dedicated bread lines this results in a shorter return on investment. The Crusto bread lines are the perfect solution for medium to large scale bakeries.

Ongoing technological and technical research resulted in numerous improvements, such as:
  • unique stress free DSS (Double-chunking Sheeting System) sheeting concept
  • straight sheeting profile in combination with cross relaxer to control and minimize rework
  • full size Quick Reducer with 12 rollers and separate driven bottom roller enabling an 8:1 thickness reduction and no tension on the sides of the sheet
  • controlled dough sheet flow, no vertical falling heights
  • designed to the highest hygienic standards. All belts have quick releases and the line can be washed if required
  • full PLC control with automatic speed- and height adjustments
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