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[wptab name='Description'] Stein GCO-66 GYRoCOMPACT® Oven

The spiral oven that roasts, cooks and steams.

It’s the most advanced, most versatile, most sanitary oven in the world for roasting, cooking and steaming.

The GCO-66 high-performance oven is designed to do all three:
  • A downflow configuration is the reason poultry and meats have a roasted flavor and surface texture that appeals to the eye and to the taste.
  • The upflow feature is critical in preventing soggy surfaces from developing on the bottom of coated products.
  • Steam is still the most efficient method of cooking.
  • Variable cooking parameters
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Downflow for oven roasting
  • Upflow for general convection cooking
  • Steam only for steam cooking
  • Patented self-stacking spiral belt design
  • Channeled vertical airflow in product zone
  • Self-supporting design eliminates support structure in oven
  • Thermal fluid heat
  • Minimal temperature differential between heat source and oven cook temperature
  • Thermal fluid heater remotely located
  • Oven atmosphere containment
  • Custom steam curtains at infeed and discharge contain atmosphere inside oven box
  • LINK computerized process control
  • Significantly enhanced data collection, operating and monitoring capabilities
[/wptab] [wptab name='Benefits']
  • Thermal fluid heat and vertical airflow for superior product quality
  • Patented self-stacking FRIGoBELT® conveyor incorporates hygiene by design
  • Rugged and reliable stainless steel construction increases uptime and profitability
  • Multiple cooking configurations and options provide flexibility and profitability
  • Food safety / lower costs
  • Superior hygiene increases food safety and lowers costs
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