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Frigoscandia's FLoFREEZE® freezers meet the processor's toughest requirements for economy, quality, hygiene, availability and user-friendliness. You can select optimum freezing conditions and promises cost-effective IQF results,

thanks to the unique IQF track that offers true fluidization whether products are soft, brittle, sticky, heavy or have awkward shapes. Quality and productivity, without compromise

Providing true fluidization, the FLoFREEZE M and A individually quick-freeze even the most difficult products, while simultaneously fulfilling the industry’s toughest requirements for hygiene, economy and user-friendliness.

Features such as Air Defrost System (ADF) or the optional Sequential Defrost (SD) and quick program changeover extend production runs and maximize your uptime.

The FLoFREEZE IQF freezer is tailored to fulfil any product requirement, with capacities ranging from 1.0 tons (2,200 lbs) to 15 tons (33,070 lbs) per hour calculated as peas.

The secret of Frigoscandia's IQF freezing is that they use a bed of super cooled air to suspend and separate solid food products, while simultaneously freezing them. The specially designed IQF track evenly distributes and directs air towards the product.

Controlled airflow at the start of the freezing process speeds up heat transfer and ensures fast, gentle crust freezing when the food product is most fragile.

Crust freezing clocks in product moisture before the final core freezing, as well as preserving product weight, appearance and IQF quality.

Fluidize difficult products such as cooked rice. Use belt agitation to successfully separate wet and sticky products, and conveyor to transport heavy products.

With the unique optional pulsator, which provides extra levitation, you can get optimum results with fragile, sticky products like berries, which defeat most IQF freezers.

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