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[wptab name='Description'] Stein JSO IV Jet Stream® Oven

Featuring VAPoRJET® technology, the Stein JSO IV oven incorporates the benefits of thermal fluid heating, high velocity impingement and condensational cooking.

It delivers:
  • Extremely fast heat transfer rates
  • Excellent color development
  • The highest possible product yield

The JSO IV Oven, with patented Jet Stream® impingement airflow, insures unparalleled cooking uniformity and many other benefits for processors

  • Circulating air passes through heat exchangers
  • High velocity impingement airflow
  • High humidity
  • Controlled oven atmosphere
  • No air migration
  • No oven stress
  • Cooler cooking room
  • Easier to clean
  • Shorter cooking time
  • Improved yields
  • Internal Clean In Place (CIP) system minimizes manual intervention
  • Thermal fluid floor cooling for reduced sanitation requirements is available
  • Continuous hot water single pass belt washer
  • Consistent, unsurpassed product color development for uncoated products
  • Adjustable plenum height provides optimal cooking parameters for a wide variety of products
  • Wide range of cooking temperatures and moisture volume to maximize results
  • Modular design provides maximum production flexibility
  • High heat transfers for faster cooking
  • Highest cooking yields achieved
  • Energy efficient

Utilizing impingement airflow, the JSO IV Oven cooks products 4-5 times faster, increases yield control, offers better browning, and increases capacity in a given floor space.

How does impingement airflow operate in the JSO IV?
  • Fan draws air through heat exchanger
  • Air is forced by distribution damper
  • Heated air/steam enters top and bottom fingers
  • Airflow contacts product from above and below
  • Air returns to heat exchanger
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