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Cabinplant integrated thawing, cooking and cooling unit (ITCC) is designed for automatic defrosting, cooking and cooling in one cycle of frozen fish, such as tuna and mackerel, resulting in reduced drip loss and improved yields compared with traditional systems.

In addition, energy, water consumption and handling is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Capacity is 1.2 - 9.0 t/h, depending on the size of the modular unit. Each module can accomodate two trolleys fitted with product shelves.

Thawing and cooking are effected by means of circulated saturated hot air followed by evaporative cooling.

The ITCC consists of:
  • Modular chamber
  • Steam heating system
  • Air circulation fans with guide plates for air distribution
  • Trolleys carrying the product
  • Condensate collection at chamber floor
  • Menu-based control system
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