DJM Foodprocessing Elburg develops and manufactures machines for the food processing industry. They focus on the convenience food sector, and particularly the market of hamburgers, schnitzels, chicken products, fish nuggets and vegetable products. they have built a excellent reputation within this market over the past 42 years.

Vacform patty former

[wptab name=’Description’] Forming attachment for production of: Hamburgers Schnitzels Chickennuggets Veggieburgers Fish fingers Sticks / bars Features: Excellent product texture Accurate weight control, guaranteed by DJM’s patented Pressure Dividing System ® Minimal smearing, water use & give away Servo-controlled product knock-out Options: 2,5/3D formplates Stacker Paper interleaver Series: VF400, VF600, VF 1000″ [/wptab] [wptab name=’Benefits’] […]
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Vacuum stuffers

[wptab name=’Description’] Vacuum Stuffers: Digital portioning & excellent weight control Portioning weight from 0 to 30.000 gr; increments of only 0,01 grams Gentle delivery system ensures soft treatment on product texture Touch screen system / easy to operate Stuffers serve as basis for feeding (various) DJM attachments Series consists of: DF60, DF100, DF200 DF400, DF400S […]
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